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Despite the American mantra of “presumed innocent,” the painful reality is that in a military court martial an accused service member is often viewed as “guilty until proven innocent.” An inexperienced or weak court martial lawyer will make things even worse. Strength is the name of the game, and a strong court martial lawyer can convince a jury to vote not guilty. Remember, the jury pool is selected by the same person that decided to send you to a court martial and the jury pool knows it—so you need a high-powered defense attorney that can effectively overcome that fact. 

Cost of a Court Martial Conviction

Careers are ruined. Families are destroyed. Children are irreparably damaged. Military members are financially wiped out. Members are kicked out of the military with a dismissal, dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge and receive a DD-214 that says so. Retirement, the G.I. Bill, and other veteran benefits vanish. Honorable Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airman, and Coast Guard personnel are imprisoned for years, decades, and even life. Some have to register as sexual predators for all to see. Civilian employment opportunities dry up. Some are driven to homelessness, depression, and even suicide. These are just some of the horrific costs a court martial conviction can bring. 

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The Court Martial Process

Tipon Law FirmThe Court Martial Process

Court Martial Defense

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You’re searching for the best: military veterans that battled and won when they were in uniform and continue to do so now that they’re out. You’re searching for seasoned court-martial defense lawyers that are aggressive, hard hitting, and can speak to you in an honest and no-nonsense way because they know the military system from top to bottom.

Our Strategy For Winning



Immediately upon being retained to defend you, Noel Tipon will begin investigating to gain a complete understanding of your case, including strengths and weaknesses and the facts that cannot be changed.



Trial preparation is the proper assembly of the evidence collected during the investigation phase into a winning defense. Some will build a winning defense and others will build a losing one.


Trial Performance

A trial is a performance by the lawyers from both sides. As one commentator put it, “A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” Noel Tipon have a track record of coming out on top for their clients.


The military justice system is not only complex, but it also has blatantly unfair aspects that you simply cannot ignore. The law says that you’re “innocent until proven guilty,” but military law enforcement, commanders, convening authorities and prosecutors often think differently. In their eyes, a military accused is almost always viewed as guilty.

Noel Tipon has been in the court martial business for decades, as both active duty military defense attorneys and as civilian military defense attorneys. We know where the landmines in the court martial process are and we know how to avoid them. We’ve battled military investigators, prosecutors, convening authorities, judges, and appellate courts. Most importantly, we have a track record for winning.