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Military Retirement Saved, Children in my Custody, Court Martial Charges Dismissed, No Basis and Retained at BOI

I met Noel 15 months ago while going through a toxic divorce which led to character-damaging allegations of the highest nature that impacted my family, children, and professional career. I was immediately removed from my home, stripped of my two children, ordered to pay 7k per month to my spouse, and had many liberties restricted at work based on allegations. It was horrible. 

He’s a genuine man that cares and emotionally invests in each case. He argued a temporary restraining order, and it was dismissed with prejudice, which then set up findings against my spouse, who was abusing the system. That next trial was won as well. After all of that was done I had full/sole custody of my 2 children, was back in my home, paying no alimony, receiving child support, and able to make all decisions concerning my family. That should be the end of the story, but it’s not. My spouse kept pushing allegations at work. I was cleared by family advocacy, child protective services, and the state of Hawaii two times, and every account was the same. These are lies being stated by my spouse. 

What happens next, I am officially charged with a smaller slice of allegations that were dismissed. I am unjustly pushed out of my place of employment and recommended to go to an article 32, then most likely a court martial. Noel wins there as well, and the FO states to withdraw all charges. Which they do. Should be done. Nope. Board of Inquiry, the lower burden on the govt to end my career. Noel, fights alongside me there-best outcome is no basis, everything dismissed. Dragged through the mud for 15 months, Noel was there every step. This was a horrible situation and I don’t wish it on anybody, but I am blessed to have met Noel and made a brother along the way. 

Normally I don’t just drop contact info but it’s the least I can do, I’m indebted. Feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or to confirm the authenticity of this review.

Active Duty Marine Corps Major – Infantry Officer

Noel Tipon is the attorney you want when the stakes are high Noel Tipon’s dedication to helping me overcome my case was evident from the first time we spoke on the phone. Even though I had called several lawyers that day about my case, Mr. Tipon was the most experienced in military law and, quite frankly, the most confident that he could win. Noel was professional throughout the entire case, and he always arrived at court appearances on time and well-prepared to dominate the courtroom.  Outside of the courtroom, Noel is a very easy-going and forthcoming guy to talk to, which can be a very welcoming trait when you are feeling the stress of Court Martial. Noel successfully had all the charges in my case dropped, which was amazing. However, if things hadn’t played out well in court, he had a litany of alternate courses of action already prepared.  Hiring Noel wasn’t cheap, but it was an investment that I am incredibly happy I made. Looking passed the professional expertise and experience in the practice of law, he seemed to be a good dude who cares about his work and the well-being of his clients. I would highly recommend Noel Tipon to anyone facing serious charges that could adversely impact the rest of their life. Active Duty Marine Corps Captain – Osprey Pilot

We won!

Noel Tipon was wonderful to work with. Mr. Tipon specifically is passionate about his job and does everything in his power to get a successful outcome in your case. He and all his staff that worked on preparing my case, the case materials used, and the hospitality shown to me at their office is superb. With them, you really feel in good hands and you can sense the professionalism and quality you’re dealing with. I was very pleased with Mr. Tipon and all the preparations he and his staff made to prepare for my case. Mr. Tipon made me feel calm in regard to my case but he doesn’t sugarcoat anything and tells it how it is. Even though hiring Mr. Tipon was expensive, I definitely got what I paid for. I was retained in the military and will be allowed to retire as planned. It definitely was worth spending the money for a quality, highly professional attorney. I’m so grateful to Mr. Tipon and his staff, and I highly recommend them!

Active Duty U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer

Sexual Assault Accusation US ARMY/ Acquitted.

Noel is undoubtedly the best lawyer for the job. His knowledge and preparation for my case was a copybook. That’s when I knew that I was in good hands. Even though we were in different states, he stuck with me throughout the whole process. Always giving me updates and checking up on me while I was in El Paso, TX. My case took over one year to get acquitted, and Noel was there every step of the way. He had a plan/answer to every scenario that would come his way. The strategies and methods he used in the courtroom were exemplary. That’s when I knew I had the right Lawyer for the job. Without the help of Noel, I would not be writing this today. I can truly say that he saved the rest of my life. If you are reading this and thinking of hiring a lawyer. Don’t think twice; hire Noel Tipon.

Active Duty U.S. Army Sergeant 

Adultery, Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft

At first, I wasn’t sure about paying the price for the investigation process, but soon after he typed up a memorandum that was overly complex to my Commander they had no choice but to drop the investigation in full. He included all of the Army Regulations, previous trials, the Articles of UCMJ, and so much more. He and his team are extremely professional. The investigation only took 1 month once I hired Noel.

Active Duty Army Soldier

Saved my life

I’m a military service member who was falsely accused of sexual assault by the military. NCIS investigated the case and I thought they were actually looking for the truth and seeking justice, but I quickly found out that wasn’t true. They twisted my words around and did everything they could to show that I was guilty and never looked into evidence that showed I was not. I hired Mr. Tipon after I was charged and he was hell bent on showing my innocence. He worked tirelessly to uncover evidence that the detectives were too lazy to look for or didn’t care about. During trial, he was relentless and dominated the courtroom. In the end, the jury saw through the government’s case and I was found not guilty. If it wasn’t for Mr. Tipon, I would probably be in jail for years and have lost everything. While there were times it was difficult to reach Mr. Tipon, after the trial I completely understood. While we were in court, his full attention was on my case and it showed.

You saved my life!

Active Duty Servicemember

Gave me my life back

Undoubtedly highly trained and educated Noel Tipon strategically tore down the prosecution team and made sure the right point was put across to all the members of the jury ensuring an easy decision for them to make in my case. Since the first day i met him to the last day of court his confidence never fell only grew as he was winning his battles and finally won the war in the court room with a jaw dropping closing argument. I thank him every chance i get for giving me my life back and would recommend anyone needing a professional, confident defense attorney with a great character to hire Mr. Noel Tipon.

Active Duty U.S. Navy Sailor

Outstanding lawyer!!

I have and will recommend Noel to any and all of my friends in the military. I highly recommend using his services if you have the means. He is also very personable. Outstanding person and lawyer.

Active Duty Army Soldier

A True Professional in the Court Room

Noel did an outstanding job with the representation of me during my entire case. Keep me informed at all times with my case and his investigation team did an outstanding job as well. Noel managed to provide me sound advice and presented me with the honest truth on options or possible scenarios in my case. He is very attentive and a true professional in the court room. I highly recommend Noel to everybody in need of an outstanding lawyer.

Falsely Accused Servicemember

Charges Dropped Allowed me to Have a Long and Prosperous Career.

Noel Tipon is and always has been a fantastic lawyer, whether he was still on active duty and now that he is in private practice. He has always been there to make sure the system never took advantage of me whether it was the military or the civilian judicial systems. Noel was there when my command tried to charge me with charges that didn’t even apply to me. Had I not spoken with Noel, I would have been a good little Marine and accepted the NJP because what other options do you have? Noel told me to trust him and he would fight it for me. And that is what he did. He had the command drop all charges against me. This led to me having a pretty long and prosperous Marine Corps career. Next was my inevitable divorce and custody hearings. Noel ensured I wasn’t over paying and had a much better custody agreement than most military men get. I couldn’t have asked for more than he got me. There are more stories how he has been there for me when I needed it. He’s the first person I call when I need legal advice and then I listen to the lawyer I have to hire for my issue. If you’re looking for someone that will stick up for you and will win for you, then Noel Tipon is your man.

Marine Corps Sergeant

Saved From Civilian Homicide Charge, Retained at Air Force Separation Board

Mr. Tipon and his staff were amazing! Their knowledge, experience, and dedication resulted in my unwarranted felony charge being reduced to a misdemeanor. They saved my career, family, and life.

Air Force Reservist and Federal Firefighter

Acquitted of Domestic Violence Charge. Absolutely perfect!

Absolutely perfect!! Everyone in the office was super friendly, polite, and they always responded back in a timely manner. I couldn’t have asked for a better legal team. Thank you Noel Tipon!!!!!

Active Duty Army Soldier