The military loves its alcohol, but it has “zero tolerance” for drug crimes. And as far as drug offenses go under Article 112a, drug distribution and trafficking by a military service member sit at the top of the list of drug crimes that will get the most severe punishment.

Article 112a, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Any person subject to this chapter who wrongfully uses, possesses, manufactures, distributes, imports into the customs territory of the United States, exports from the United States, or introduces into an installation, vessel, vehicle, or aircraft used by or under the control of the armed forces a substance described in subsection (b) shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Are you a service member suspected of drug distribution or trafficking? Are you under investigation for drug distribution or trafficking? Are you already facing court martial charges?

If you are, the government is coming after your career, your reputation, and your freedom. Military prosecutors will probably seek a dishonorable discharge, prison time, your rank, and a hefty fine.

Unfortunately, this is very real and you need to deal with it NOW. Sitting back and waiting is a recipe for the worst possible sentence available.

  • Did you know that simply sharing a blunt with your friends is often charged by the military as drug distribution? Burying your head in the sand and Ignoring the situation gives government prosecutors an even bigger head start to make a case against you. They are tightening the noose—don’t let it happen without a fight.
  • Waiting to call a qualified defense attorney, or putting your life in the hands of a free military lawyer with little experience, is extremely risky.
  • If your military friends are being interviewed by law enforcement agents from CID, NCIS, OSI, or CGIS, they will probably turn on you to save their own neck. Sometimes they even lie to stay out of trouble.

If you are serious about fighting the suspicion, investigation, or charges you are facing for drug distribution or trafficking, contact an experienced court martial lawyer that can talk to you about a winning defense strategy. Call our office today to speak to someone from our team.

The Military’s War on Drugs Has Now Become a War on You

Military commanders, SJAs, and prosecutors aren’t messing around. They have vast amounts of money and manpower to prosecute service members accused of distributing drugs, possessing drugs with the intent to distribute, or trafficking drugs on a large scale. And they will use those vast resources without apology to convict you and ruin your life and take away your military career.

You’ve served honorably? They don’t care. You have wife and kids to care for? They don’t care. You were at a bad time in your life? They don’t care. A friend or relative was sick or died? They don’t care. You are actually innocent? They still don’t care.

If in eyes of the military powers, there is evidence against you, prosecutors will come at you with everything they have. You are in a fight, and if you’re not ready for it, you need to get ready NOW!

  • A dishonorable or bad conduct discharge has crushing effects on military service members.
  • Job prospects are few when your DD-214 says dishonorable discharge (DD), bad conduct discharge (BCD), or other than honorable (OTH) discharge.
  • Your G.I. Bill, guaranteed Veteran Home Loan, and other military benefits will all likely be stripped away.
  • Your reputation, career, and life are all but destroyed.

This is the terrible treatment of someone that faithfully served his country and service, be it the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. Whether it happens or not depends on whether you have any fight left in you.

If you do have some fight left, contact our office today. Our team of court martial lawyers knows that just because you got caught up in a drug charge for distribution or trafficking, doesn’t mean you are guilty or that the Government can prove it. So don’t rush to plead guilty if someone is telling you that’s what you should do. Contact us NOW.

I Was Caught in a Drug Sting Operation – Is It Over?

If you rush for a so called “great plea deal” that the free JAG may want you to accept, it is probably over. If you want a chance at doing better, then you are going to have to fight and have a forceful court martial lawyer that will do the same.

Sting operations often ensnare not just one service member, but many. Over weeks and months, military law enforcement agencies can collect sometimes dozens of names and even identify drug distribution shadow figures that they had no idea existed. Law enforcement will then “rack and stack” these individuals based their level of alleged criminal involvement.

Higher level drug dealers are less likely to get any favorable treatment. Smaller fish will usually cut deals to provide testimony against the bigger fish.

If you got caught up in a sting operation, don’t be shocked if other military members “give you up” to save their own necks. We generally represent the service member being snitched on, not the one doing the snitching. But we also understand that sometimes there is good reason to “give up” the other guy—usually because they were disloyal or otherwise stabbed you in the back.

Our law firm combines tireless effort, world-class legal research skills, and a legal team with vast court martial and appellate law experience to create a trial plan that gives service members a chance at winning.

  • The sting operation may be illegal because it violates your Constitutional rights. If so, the damaging evidence could be thrown out.
  • Investigations by our legal team can uncover witness lies and exaggerations that destroy their credibility.
  • Evidence chain of custody in a drug crime case may be defective or reveal illegal tampering.

If you think and act like your case is hopeless, it probably will be. Our firm aggressively defends clients for drug charges and all other UCMJ offenses with a passion service members deserve. Before you give up, contact us for a free case analysis and defense strategy consultation.

Your Problem – Our Solution

Military prosecution teams want you to think your case is unwinnable. That’s simply NOT true. Even the most difficult drug distribution and trafficking cases can be won. But you can’t win a case if you don’t fight. If you are being told your case is unwinnable, contact us today to see if experienced criminal defense attorneys agree. You owe it to yourself to find out.

I’m Not A Drug Kingpin. Why Is The Government Treating Me Like One?

As you likely already know, the military loves to make examples out of its members. That may be what you are caught up in. Some military commanders often seem to care more about their units reputation than seeing justice done.

Circumstances drive the train. But, if convicted, it’s possible that an incredibly unforgiving sentence could be handed down for a UCMJ drug offense that is completely legal in some states—for example, possession and use of marijuana.

Worse yet, national media outlets and professional organizations have recently reported that rampant racism exists in the military justice system. According to these accounts, black military service members are punished more often and more severely than other service members, especially white service members.

Yet the military’s response simply pays lip service to the problem, ignoring the fact that it has KNOWN about the prejudice for years.

Unlike the free military attorney, who may be more worried about protecting his own career than standing up for his client’s rights, our court martial lawyers don’t have that problem. We will ruthlessly point out and fight against any hint of racial bias at court martial, NJP, or any adverse administrative proceeding.

Look out for yourself by contacting us TODAY.

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