Know What an Experienced and Aggressive Court Martial Defense Attorney Can Do for You

SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention) and SAPR (Sexual Assault Prevention Response) are the same things by another name. Their formation is the result of a seemingly ever-increasing view that the military has an enormous problem regarding sexual assault and other sex crimes and the ongoing war on that problem.
As good intentioned as SHARP and SAPR are, they also have had some horrific unintended consequences.

  • A military service member accused of a sex crime or facing a “SHARP” allegation is more likely than not going to be viewed as guilty at the outset even if in a “he-said-she-said case” where no other evidence exists except for the alleged victim’s accusation.
  • An environment of victimhood in the military is the result of so-called training that sometimes provides misinformation or may even mislead other service members into believing that a person cannot consent to sex after just one or two drinks.
  • Incentives to exaggerate or fabricate being sexually assaulted, like expedited transfers to another more preferable duty station, monetary benefits, and a host if extra services are offered to alleged victims.
  • The desire to look tough on SHARP allegations and sexual assault have created an incentive for government prosecutors to take even extremely weak sexual assault allegations to trial at court martial.

Make no mistake, if you are a military member accused of sexual assault, you will be treated with disdain and possibly thrown into pretrial confinement for months, maybe even years before your trial takes place. The public embarrassment and potentially lifelong consequences are hard to comprehend.

Our court martial lawyers understand how you feel and more importantly what you’re up against. We’ve been fighting for the rights of military members for decades and have a track record that we are more than proud of.

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Fight SHARP/SAPR Charges with an Aggressive Defense Lawyer

In a perfect world, SHARP and SAPR would be unnecessary. In that world, female and male service members would be able to come and go without fear of being sexually assaulted by another military member, or anyone else for that matter. In that world, Article 120 of the UCMJ would be unnecessary. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.

More unfortunate though is a world where the Accused service member becomes the real victim. Often removed from his duties, treated as a sexual predator by some in the command and the unit as a whole, often dragged into pretrial confinement, the military member accused of a rape, sexual assault, or some other sex crime can expect his reputation and career to be utterly destroyed even before charges are levied or a trial begins.

Even worse, the military member accused of a sex crime faces a government prosecution team that is laser-focused and hell-bent on winning a conviction. It’s a scary situation.

  • The free military defense attorney may be inexperienced or too worried about his own career to fight, and may spend a lot of time simply trying to convince you to plead guilty in order to get a “good deal.”
  • Military prosecutors that prosecute sexual assault charges are usually the military’s best and most experienced lawyers who have vast resources to bring the full weight of the government against you in order to win a conviction, including money, investigators, experts, and a literal army of support staff.
  • You may feel like an outcast with nobody on your side. At best, you will be assigned a free lawyer who will rarely have a co-counsel and if there is more than one, neither is significantly more experienced than the other. They certainly do not have the same, seemingly unlimited, budget that the government has much less the investigators or experts that the prosecutors will use.

If you want to fight SHARP or SAPR allegations, if you’re committed to fighting, you need a court martial lawyer that will stand with you for the long haul and fight to the end. You need a team with a track record of defending service members against these types of charges. The longer you wait to act, the more difficult your situation may become.

Do something now before it is too late.

If You Fight for Your Country – We’ll Fight for You

Reviewing our previous cases shows that our court martial lawyers know how to win. And we don’t just win at trial. Our defense attorneys have the distinction of winning military cases at the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (C.A.A.F.) and the service courts of criminal appeals. This makes us different than most. We understand SAPR and SHARP and the effects it has on military service members. Our case results show it.

What Can I Expect from A Good Court Martial Lawyer?

Many defense attorneys are intimidated and outgunned by the firepower that the government prosecutors have in SHARP/SAPR cases. That’s not our court martial attorneys.

  • We do our own investigations as a team, ideally by putting boots on the ground, rather than farming it out to retired law enforcement personnel that aren’t lawyers.
  • Our research abilities have been honed while practicing at the highest military courts in the land.
  • We have contacts throughout the military services that are able to provide our lawyers with valuable insight into a full spectrum of military justice legal issues.
  • We have experience at every level of military litigation, as defense counsel, appellate defense counsel, and as prosecutors.
  • Prior to private practice, we have spent a significant time actually serving on active duty trying cases, appealing convictions, advising SJA’s and commanders at all levels (we know how they think). We weren’t one-and-done lawyers who did one tour on active duty or did most of our time in the reserves. We have actually deployed and been in the court martial trenches in uniform. But now we are out and fighting for service members outside of the system.

If you want an experienced and aggressive legal team to help you fight SHARP/SAPR allegations that you are being investigated for or have already been charged with, contact us now and see how we can help.