Larceny & Financial Fraud

Larceny, BAH & Financial Fraud Crimes in the Military

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Are you a military service member that has been accused of larceny, financial fraud, or some other UCMJ theft offense?
You’ve probably been told by your command or investigators that all the evidence points to you—that you’re 100% guilty. You’ve probably been abandoned and made to feel like your career is over. Nobody wants to lift a finger to help you. Even though you have faithfully and honorably served your country, you’re being pronounced guilty instead of presumed innocent.
Do not give up! It is not hopeless no matter what others may say or think. They are against you.

  • If you give up, you do exactly what government prosecutors are hoping you will do.
  • Prosecutors want you to give up and just confess so they don’t have to prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is DIFFICULT for them to do.
  • Prosecutors want you to take a so-called “good deal” to make their lives better, not yours.
  • If you fight the charges you are facing, you give yourself a chance at a full acquittal or at least a better “deal” than the one that has been hurriedly shoved in front of you.

At Noel Tipon, our experienced military defense lawyers have been fighting and winning UCMJ cases for decades. Contact our office today to discover how we would aggressively defend you against the charges you are facing.

We Fight for Military Service Members against All UCMJ Larceny and Financial Crimes

If you are being investigated for or charged with a theft or financial crime, your military career and your entire future are in terrible danger. You can’t afford to do nothing.

  • The military tends to severely punish larceny and fraud offense convictions. A criminal conviction could result in a dishonorable discharge or bad conduct discharge and years of confinement.
  • Fines are not uncommon for theft offenses. You could be left with a mountain of debt that you might never be able to dig out from under.
  • You would be made an example as a warning to others. Your reputation and your family name will be dragged through the dirt as if you and your family are nobodies.
Larceny and Financial Crimes in the military
If you are serious about fighting the charges you are facing. If you’ve decided that you’re not going to just roll over, plead guilty, and make it easy for the government, then contact our office today to learn how our court martial attorneys would investigate, prepare, and defend your case.

Military Larceny and Fraud Offenses Come in Many Forms Under the UCMJ

Larceny, wrongful appropriation, embezzlement and other forms of theft are mostly covered under Article 121, UCMJ. Article 122, UCMJ, covers robberies. Article 123, UCMJ, covers forgery. The essence of all of these is basically the wrongful taking—usually of money or property—from either the United States Government or another person.

Make no mistake, stealing/theft offenses are not taken lightly in the military. The government and its hand-picked prosecutors will come at you with everything they have in order to secure a conviction and a severe sentence. A general or special court martial is likely. A conviction will likely pop up on any background check and therefore will probably follow a service member for the rest of their life.

If you’re in this position. If the government is coming after your career, your future, and your freedom, you have to decide whether you want to fight with an experienced military defense attorney on your side, or just submit to the government’s often underhanded pressures. If you want to fight, contact our office today to see how we would defend you against the larceny or fraud charges brought against you.

Court Martial Defense For Larceny & Financial Fraud