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Hawaii is paradise, but not for military service members under investigation or charged with offenses under the UCMJ. With its large military population, an army of military prosecutors, and an extreme amount of pressure for court martial convictions, Hawaii is a scary place for service members. Of course, the government won’t tell you that—it’s a dirty little secret.

Should you be accused of a criminal offense in Hawaii, you will literally be on an island of hostility:

  • Questionable law enforcement tactics, including interrogations where military law enforcement like NCIS, CID, OSI, and CGIS lie to obtain confessions, are common.
  • Witness and expert requests to prove your innocence are routinely denied.
  • The conviction rate for military prosecutors hovers at about 9 out of 10. That’s a brutally high 90% success rate.

Our team of Hawaii court martial lawyers know the deck is stacked against you. We’ve been defending service members in Hawaii from UCMJ charges since day one. To learn how we would investigate, prepare, and defend your case, call for a free consultation today.

Have You Been Accused of a Military Crime in Hawaii? Noel Tipon Can Help.

Hawaii, with its large military presence and proximity to other military bases throughout the Pacific, has military courts churning out cases in big numbers. Most of these cases involve allegations of rape, sexual assault, drug crimes, and financial fraud offenses.
Our law firm is comprised of military defense attorneys that all have the same distinguished backgrounds: they’ve served in the military as JAGs, they were all military defense lawyers while on active duty, and ALL of them have been military Appellate Defense Attorneys. No other firm IN THE WORLD can match these credentials.

If you’re being investigated for a UCMJ offense, have already been charged with a military offense, or are facing adverse administrative action, then Noel Tipon can help you fight back:

  • We have an established presence and reputation in the state that is strategically important. We can call on a huge network of specialists based in Hawaii and other locations to perform forensic tests, act as expert witnesses, or provide other scientific expertise in your case.
  • We’ve gone up against military prosecutors here in Hawaii and we know their tactics, strategies, and mentality. When military clients bring us to defend them in court, it sends a forceful message to government prosecutors that prosecuting the case probably isn’t worth it.
  • We aggressively defend service members facing criminal charges or adverse administrative actions. Whether you’re facing an administrative action that will derail or end your military career, or have been slapped with allegations of rape, sexual assault, or some other offense that could result in decades of prison time, our firm’s lawyers have the unique experience and skill required to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

You’ve faithfully served and protected your country when it needed you. Now let us serve and protect you from a government that is apparently dedicated to ruining your career. If you’re stationed in Hawaii and need an experienced team of court martial lawyers to protect your interests, then contact our law offices TODAY.

Which Hawaii Military Bases Does Noel Tipon Serve?

We serve all Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard military personnel stationed in Hawaii. Most of our clients come from these military bases:

Why Is Noel Tipon Based Out of Honolulu, Hawaii?

We chose Hawaii for a number of reasons. All of our criminal defense attorneys have served in Hawaii while on active duty. Mr. Tipon was also the Senior Defense Counsel at Marine Corps Base Hawaii while he was on active duty. We all live in Hawaii and have litigated military cases in at every major base on the island: Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Air Station, and Marine Corps Base Hawaii. From Hawaii, we can also readily travel the West Coast, Southwest, and Pacific Rim.

So whether you’re battling sexual assault accusations in Hawaii, defending against violent assault charges at Camp Pendleton or Fort Hood, or being administratively separated somewhere in the Northwest or overseas, our firm will be there for you.

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