Naval Brig Pearl Harbor is located on Ford Island on Oahu, Hawaii. It is mainly used to confine military prisoners that have been subjected to pretrial confinement by their command and are awaiting trial by court martial. The Pearl Harbor Brig confines military prisoners from all branches of the armed forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Once a military service member is thrown into pretrial confinement by their command, they are rarely released before their court martial takes place, which can be months and even years down the road. Stripped of their freedom, a service member is treated as if they are guilty, despite being “presumed innocent.” But that’s not the whole of it.

  • Unless a military prisoner in pretrial confinement is speaking to his court-martial lawyer, all telephone conversations are recorded by the Pearl Harbor Brig. These recordings are often twisted into incriminating evidence and used by military prosecutors against the accused service member.
  • One of the stated goals of the Pearl Harbor Brig is to “better prepare confined personnel for return to duty.” But about the only way this happens is if the military prisoner is acquitted at trial. And if the service member is acquitted, it’s hard to imagine how prison time prepared them for a return to duty.
  • Preparing for trial can be made incredibly difficult when the service member is in pretrial confinement at the Pearl Harbor Brig. Almost everything is made more complicated—which helps military prosecutors. Being released from pretrial confinement should be a top priority for a military member.

Unfortunately, many service members that find themselves in pretrial confinement have a free uniformed defense attorney from the JAG office that make only a single attempt to have them released. Once that attempt at release fails—and it usually does—they either give up or don’t even know that additional attempts at release can be made. This may be due to inexperience or just plain apathy.

The court- martial military defense attorneys at Noel Tipon know how terrible pretrial confinement can be, and we know that you deserve more than a single attempt at release. If you or a loved one has been placed in pretrial confinement in the Pearl Harbor Brig and you want to fight for your release, contact our office today to discuss how we can fight to make that happen.


There is No Possibility of Bail for Military Service Members in Pretrial Confinement

Unlike the civilian justice system, in the military justice system a service member that is thrown into pretrial confinement cannot post bail to obtain his release while he awaits trial. Instead, within 7 days of being placed into pretrial confinement, there is a hearing (7-day hearing) where an Initial Review Officer (IRO), determines whether the service member should remain in pretrial confinement or be released.

What comes as a shocking surprise to many is that the IRO is actually a military officer appointed by the command that put the service member into pretrial confinement! Then, at the 7-day hearing, the command generally sends representatives and military prosecutors to tell the IRO why the service member should remain in pretrial confinement. Is it any wonder that few military accused are released from pretrial confinement at the 7-day hearing?

Making matters worse, oftentimes no additional attempts are even made by the free military lawyer to get the service member released. This may be due to inexperience—just not knowing that additional attempts at release are possible, or an unwillingness to put in the extensive effort it takes to make additional attempts at release. In fact, there are FOUR additional legal strategies that can be employed to have a military prisoner released from pretrial confinement after the 7-day hearing.

Are you or a loved one in pretrial confinement at the Pearl Harbor Naval Brig? Have no additional attempts been made to have you released after your 7-day hearing? If you want to fight your pretrial confinement, call our office TODAY to learn how we can help.

NEVER Talk About Your Case On the Phone While In Pretrial Confinement Except With Your Experienced Defense Attorney

All telephone conversations of military service members in pretrial confinement are recorded by the Pearl Harbor Naval Brig. Government prosecutors have investigators listen to all of these conversations for incriminating statements that they WILL USE against you at your trial.

The only telephone conversations military pretrial confinement prisoners have that are confidential are those with members of your defense team. Don’t think that “talking in code” is a way around the government’s intrusion either. Military investigators and prosecutors will do everything in their power to decode your conversations so they can increase their chances of convicting you and getting the harshest sentence possible. Don’t talk about your case or your chances of conviction will likely skyrocket!

If you’re in pretrial confinement and only one attempt has been made for your release, call Noel Tipon TODAY to see how we can more aggressively work for your release.

Don’t Talk to Other Prisoners While You’re In Pretrial Confinement or Anyone Else

Talking to other prisoners while in pretrial confinement is a recipe for disaster. Some will cut deals with military prosecutors to snitch on you and get a better deal for themselves. Some just like running their mouths and will talk about your case and even provide inaccurate or entirely fabricated information to help themselves. Avoid this at all costs by not talking about your case to anyone other than the experienced team of court martial lawyers that are representing you.

You’ve served your nation honorably and now you’re being treated like a common criminal by being stuck in pretrial confinement. Little to nothing has been done to get you out. If you want to fight for your release from the Naval Brig at Pearl Harbor, call Noel Tipon TODAY and let us fight to make that happen.

Naval Brig Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – Contact Information

Prisoner Address
NAVCON Brig Pearl Harbor
2056 Wasp Blvd
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860

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