Schofield Barracks in Hawaii

Schofield Barracks - Hawaii

Schofield Barracks is the home of the 25th Infantry Division and the largest Army installation on the island of Oahu. The high number of Soldiers from Schofield that are court martialed every year shows just how ruthless the military justice system can be.
A big mistake that Soldiers make is thinking they can fight UCMJ charges with an inexperienced defense attorney that often has less than five years of experience.

This mistake can be like a stake in the heart, all but guaranteeing the death of the Soldier’s career and some of the most severe punishments this only cements their fate in court and all but guarantees some of the harshest punishment allowed:

  • Dishonorable discharge, bad-conduct discharge, or an other than honorable (OTH) characterization is common. Benefits vanish and a reputation is destroyed.
  • Depending on the offense, incarceration, sex offender registration, and other punishments are possible if you’re be accused and convicted of a crime in the Army.
  • If you have a family, their life could be turned upside down as you lose your income, your reputation, and your ability to get comparable civilian employment. Families can literally be ripped apart over convictions for UCMJ violations.

Hawaiian paradise has now become your living hell. Nobody seems to be on your side or supporting you. You need to do everything you can to protect your reputation and your military career. Call Noel Tipon TODAY to learn how a team of UCMJ lawyers would protect your interests and defend your case.

Schofield Barracks in Hawaii

Schofield Barracks History and Court Martial Proceedings

Schofield Barracks History Summary

Schofield Barracks is considered the most important Army installation in the Hawaiian Islands and is home to US Army Hawaii, the 25th Infantry Division, and the 8th Theater Sustainment Command.

Schofield Barracks is located on the big island of Oahu, adjacent to Wheeler Army Airfield. It is also the closest Army base to the Navy at Pearl Harbor. Its proximity to these key military air and naval installations makes it one of the most important strategic locations on the Hawaiian islands. Established in 1909, the number of Army personnel at Schofield Barracks continues to rise, with a current population of 19,499.

Court Martial Proceedings
As the main operations center for Army personnel in Hawaii, Schofield Barracks consistently churns out courts-martial, NJPs, and other adverse administrative actions against its Soldiers.
Noel Tipon defends Army personnel from UCMJ charges including rape and sexual assault, financial fraud and drug crimes, and all other military offenses. 

If you’ve been accused of an offense under the UCMJ at Schofield, contact us TODAY to learn how we would investigate, prepare, and defend your case.

Army Personnel at Schofield Barracks Trust Noel Tipon to Represent and Fight for Them in Court

We have been defending Army personnel from Schofield Barracks since day one. If you have been accused of a criminal offense and want to fight for a not guilty verdict or the best possible outcome, contact Noel Tipon today.

  • Our Hawaii-based defense attorneys have the experience and skills required to fight for your rights and level the playing field with government prosecutors that want to convict you and ruin your career.
  • Over years of trial and appellate military law practice, we have developed vast contact networks with military and civilian personnel around the continental United States and overseas.
  • We defend Army personnel against all UCMJ offenses, be they at court martial, NJP, administrative separation hearings, or some other adverse proceeding. Sexual assault, drug charges, larceny, adverse administrative hearings—we defend Army Soldiers against all of them.

Noel Tipon is ready to fight for your rights, your reputation, and your military career. If you’re not ready to give up, if you want to fight the situation you are facing, call us TODAY for a confidential assessment of your case. A felony conviction in US District Court can have some of the harshest sentences of any criminal offense. These high-risk trials could cost you everything.
Worst case sentencing for a felony crime include:

  • Life In Prison
  • Hefty Fines
  • Federal Sexual Offender Registration under SORNA

Sadly, this is only the start of what a felony conviction can do to your future. Careers can be destroyed, families can be shattered, and reputations ruined. All of this because of criminal accusations which you may or may not have had anything to do with.

What UCMJ Offenses Does The Government Prosecute Most in Hawaii and at Schofield Barracks?

The most common charges brought by the military prosecutors involve rape, sexual assault, drug crimes, and BAH fraud. However, Schofield Barracks Soldiers in Hawaii are annually charged with just about every UCMJ offense there is.

Does Noel Tipon Defend Against Both Military Court Martial Charges and State Felonies?

Yes. If you’re accused of a crime in Hawaii and the charges stay in the state of the federal court, we can still defend you. If the military takes your case, we can represent you in the UCMJ system. We have associates and expertise in the military, state, and federal court system.

Noel Tipon serves all U.S. Marine and Navy personnel at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Call us TODAY for a free consultation into your case and learn how we would aggressively defend you against unrelenting government attacks.

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