Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) is the headquarters of the Pacific Regional Medical Command and is run by the Department of the Army. It is one of the most active American military hospitals in the world and serves local active duty, reserve, and retired service members. The outstanding medical care its personnel provide to military service members and their families, however, is sometimes overshadowed by the constant threat of court martial proceedings.

TAMC is no stranger to courts-martial, administrative separation proceedings, GOMORs and Article 15 hearings (NJP). The hospital employs over 7,000 active duty Soldiers and accusations of criminal offenses, from rape and assault, to drug and other UCMJ crimes, occurs every single year. The danger that UCMJ allegations presents to the military careers of TAMC service members is no small matter:

  • Even the weakest allegations can destroy your reputation and put a question mark on your honor. “Innocent until proven guilty” often seems to be replaced by “guilty until proven innocent.”
  • Most UCMJ convictions or accusations almost guarantee a dishonorable discharge, bad-conduct discharge, or other than honorable (OTH) discharge from the service. Even if you’re not kicked out of the military, the adverse action against you more than likely kills any chance for promotion or career advancement.
  • Imprisonment, sometimes for decades or more, is permissible under the UCMJ and is awarded liberally. Depending on the UCMJ offense, you may also face huge fines and sex offender registration requirements that could last for the rest of your life.

If you’re stationed at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii and are facing judicial or nonjudicial military punishment, then you need a team of experienced military defense attorneys to fight back on your behalf. To learn how Noel Tipon would investigate, prepare, and defend your case, contact our office TODAY for a free consultation.


Tripler Army Medical Center Background and Court Martial Matters

Tripler Army Medical Center is a massive Army medical complex that serves over 430,000 local active duty military members, beneficiaries, and veterans across the Pacific Region. There are over 7,000 active duty service members at Tripler as well as over 11,000 family members.

TAMC was named after Brigadier General Charles Stuart Tripler, whose contributions to military medicine in the 19th century saved thousands of lives. The coral pink color of Tripler Army Medical Center and many of its design elements were inspired by the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki, which was a primary recreational site for US military personnel during WWII.

The increased growth of Tripler Army Medical Center, has caused its court martial proceedings to increase as well. Rape and Sexual assault allegations are made regularly. Drug crimes, financial fraud crimes, and officer misconduct accusations are also seen quite often.


Army Soldiers at Tripler Army Medical Center Trust Noel Tipon to Defend Them

For decades, military prosecutors have had incredibly high conviction rates—90%. When 9 out of 10 prosecutions end up in a guilty verdict, you know the deck is stacked against you. Under these circumstances, you need to even the playing field. You need a team of experienced military court martial lawyers that have the legal skill to fight back on your behalf and protect your rights and interests.

Noel Tipon has been serving military service members in Hawaii since its inception. We have a number of key benefits that separate us from other military defense attorneys:

  • We’re local. We’re based right here in Honolulu, Hawaii. You don’t have to wait to be represented. We can begin defending your interests in just hours or even less.
  • Our established network of connections in Hawaii gives us a leg up in dealing with law enforcement and prosecutors, Hawaii state courts, military courts, and all military law enforcement. This enables us to rapidly evaluate the nature of your charged offenses and the status of the government’s investigation into your alleged crimes, putting us in an even better position to investigate, prepare, and defend your case with a winning strategy.
  • If you’ve been accused of a UCMJ offense, you need a team of aggressive and experienced military defense lawyers to represent you. Regardless of whether you’ve been accused of sexual assault, drug crimes, financial fraud or any other offense under the UCMJ—we are prepared to stand toe to toe against military prosecutors—and win.

Are you a military service member in Hawaii that’s facing some adverse action under the UCMJ? If you are, and you want to learn how our legal team would investigate, prepare, and defend your case, call our office TODAY for a free consultation session.

Noel Tipon serves all U.S. Marine and Navy personnel at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Call us TODAY for a free consultation into your case and learn how we would aggressively defend you against unrelenting government attacks.

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