Drug Crime Defense


Defend Your Career with a Team of World-Class Court Martial Lawyers

You are accused of the use, possession, distribution, or trafficking of drugs as a military service member. Your military career, reputation, and liberty are under attack by federal law enforcement and highly skilled military prosecutors. Everyone seems to be against you. Nobody wants to help you.

  • The country you have faithfully served now seems committed to your destruction and imprisonment putting the future of your military service that you have sacrificed so much for in jeopardy.
  • The people to your left and right, who you would give your life for, now think you are guilty and abandon you like rats on a sinking ship. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are innocent or if prosecutors don’t have enough concrete evidence to convict you.
  • Your free defense attorney, the JAG, seems unwilling to even put up a fight and wants you to plead guilty in order to get a so-called “good deal.” 

We have world-class court, martial lawyers. We’re also veterans ourselves. As military veterans and as attorneys, we believe every service member deserves an A-Team defense. We specialize in taking the hard cases—the cases others think are hopeless because the evidence seems overwhelming.

If you are willing to fight to the end against bogus or flimsy drug charges brought by military prosecutors, we are too. The alternative is to give up, plead guilty, and accept a fate that probably includes a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge, confinement time, the loss of your G.I. Bill benefits, and a brand that says, “criminal.”

We Defend Service Members against
All UCMJ Drug Charges

NCIS Federal Agent

The military has “zero tolerance” for drug offenses. While states around the country are legalizing marijuana, the military continues to toss service members onto the trash heap of Article 112a, UCMJ.

  • Your Military Career is Ruined. Even minor drug offense charges may result in a dishonorable discharge and imprisonment. The G.I. Bill and you’re your ability to go to college vanish.
  • Civilian Life Will be Harder. A dishonorable or bad conduct discharge is on your DD-214 for all to see, including employers who probably won’t want to hire you.
  • Imprisonment is Likely. With the military’s outdated policies and self-righteous views, government prosecutors often go for the most severe prison sentence available.

If you don’t want to just roll over and plead guilty, our legal team may be your last chance of being found NOT GUILTY of the drug crimes you are facing. You owe it to yourself to at least find out how we would investigate, prepare, and fight to win your case. Contact one of our military defense lawyers now to discuss it.

The Evidence Against Me Seems Overwhelming

Service members often feel as if their graves are already dug because the command or military law enforcement investigators like CID, NCIS, OSI, and CGIS, seem so confident in the evidence they have.

This confidence is often nothing more than a sham. Law enforcement can and do lie to service members suspected of a drug crime in order to get them to confess. Don’t fall for it! Assume that you are being lied to and contact an experienced court martial lawyer as soon as you can.

Even if you tested positive on a urinalysis, that doesn’t mean you are automatically going to be found guilty at court martial or NJP. False positives do happen!

Additionally, who’s to say that your urine specimen wasn’t tampered with or that someone didn’t slip something into your drink that caused you to pop positive? Or maybe you ingested something that you thought was legal but was actually cocaine or some other drug banned under the UCMJ.

As experienced court-martial lawyers, we are trained in creating reasonable doubt about a military service member’s guilt. If the government prosecutors don’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, a not guilty finding is the result.

So don’t make it easy for the prosecutors to destroy your life, your good name, and your future by rolling over and pleading guilty!

Our military defense attorneys defend service members accused of every type of drug offense under the UCMJ. If you want to fight the drug charges brought against you, contact our office today to discuss your problem.

Drug Crime Court Martial Defense Practice Areas

  • Drug Distribution and Trafficking
  • Drug Use & Possession
  • Spice & Synthetic Drugs
  • Military Urinalysis