Fight for Your Career with an Experienced Court Martial Lawyer

Are you under investigation or suspected of wrongful use, possession, or distribution of CBD, Spice or some other synthetic drug? Have you already been charged by government prosecutors and everyone seems to think there is a mountain of evidence proving your guilt? Do you feel like things are hopeless and you’re scared your military career is going to be destroyed?

You’re right to be scared. Military prosecutors have vast resources at their fingertips that they will not hesitate to throw at a service member to get a conviction.

  • The government is against you. They are the enemy at this point. Do not think for a second that prosecutors or military law enforcement agents will go easy on you. Your military career, your freedom, and your good name are all at risk.
  • A conviction for a drug offense involving CBD, spice, or other DoD banned synthetic drug could result in a dishonorable discharge, a bad conduct discharge, or an other than honorable discharge.
  • Prison time and criminal conviction that will follow you for the rest of your life is a debilitating possibility.

If you don’t want to be just another statistic in the military’s “zero tolerance” policy on CBD, spice, and other synthetic drugs, then you need to fight the charges you are facing. You owe it to yourself to talk to experienced court martial lawyers that have been defending against so called “slam dunk” drug offense cases for the prosecution. Call our office today to find out how we would defend your case.

The Use of CBD, Spice, and Other Synthetic Drugs Is Rampant in the Military

Service members from every branch of the armed forces have more than likely been exposed to these banned substances in one form or another. As exposure has gone up, the government’s response seems to have been to throw service members out of the military as fast as possible.

Considering the confusion about which substances are banned and which aren’t, which are illegal, and which aren’t, simply tossing service members onto the street seems incredibly unfair and immoral.

  • The substances are easily bought at legitimate businesses, causing confusion for military members about legality.
  • The military doesn’t often test for some of them, which conveys a message that they are OK to use.
  • They’re so common in the military, that a culture of “they’re OK” is created.

Making things even more confusing, an online search of substances like CBD will return results touting its health benefits:

“If you want to relieve pain, relax, or sleep better without getting high, CBD is the right product for you. Hemp-derived CBD does not lead to psychoactive effects that are often associated with the use of marijuana.”

Despite this, military higher ups see it as a duty to prosecute service members for using CBD and then watching as their military career, reputation, and life in general is ruined. Our firm thinks this is shockingly wrong. We will fight for your rights, your career, and your future. If you are willing to fight, contact us today to speak to an experienced court martial lawyer. Our defense attorneys have been fighting and winning cases involving drug crimes for years.

Our Court Martial Lawyers Fight by Attacking Drug Charges from Different Angles

Prosecutors can poorly draft charges involving CBD, Spice, or different synthetic drugs. Our firm has distinguished court martial lawyers that have had special success attacking defectively written charges.

Military prosecutors have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the service member knowingly used, possessed, or sold an illegal substance. This can be incredibly difficult to do. So the government may be bluffing if it says it has a “slam dunk.” It may be that they know how weak their evidence is and they want to scare you into taking a guilty plea agreement that guarantees the end of your military career.

Don’t fall for it! Do yourself a favor and speak to experienced defense attorneys that can discuss defense strategies for beating the drug crime allegations made against you.

Our firm knows how to aggressively fight drug charges brought against military service members. So if you are serious about protecting your future and saving your military career, give our office a call to find out how we would defend you from court martial prosecutors dedicated to convicting you.

The alternative is to just roll over, plead guilty, and accept all of the negative consequences and punishment that comes with giving up and refusing to fight.

We think there is a better way. Contact us today.

What are My Chances of Beating A Drug Charge for CBD, Spice, or Other Synthetic Drugs?

Nobody can tell the future. But, we give service members a straightforward analysis of their case without any fluff.
We can guarantee though that if you plead guilty without putting up any fight, you will never know what the outcome would have been if you did fight.

Don’t go through life wondering what might have been. You’ll regret it, especially if your guilty plea ruins not only your military career, but your civilian prospects as well.

Service Members that contact us understand this.

  • A punitive discharge is likely, which will be highlighted on your DD-214.
  • Prison time is likely, usually ranging from months to years.
  • Veteran Benefits, including your G.I. Bill will likely be lost.

Whether you are completely innocent or feel like you were caught dead to rights, our firm knows how to fight the evidence against you—no matter how bad it may seem. Contact us now to discuss the defense strategies we would forcefully pursue.

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